Delivery Policy

General information
To ensure that your service is properly delivered and that you receive your service within the time frames we advertise, please make sure that your data is correctly entered and includes all relevant and/or required information. The use of correct names, e-mail address, abbreviations, street numbers, building or apartment numbers, and route information (if applicable) is critical for ensuring timely delivery of the service. We do not take responsibility for lost, misplaced, or incorrectly delivered services if the e-mail or address information provided is incorrect or incorrectly entered at the time of booking the service.

Processing time
All ordered services are subject to processing time that is separate and apart from the time it takes for the respective institutions to implement the changes through their systems and procedures.
After your payment is authorized and verified, orders can still take 5 business days to process. This is just an estimate and doesn’t include weekends or holidays.

Delivery fees
All of our services are delivered entirely online so they are free of taxes and fees from any kind.

Delivery claims
If you are experiencing a non-delivery of your booked service you must contact us within 10 days to file a claim.
Stotinka Limited does not hold or accept responsibility for wrong or incomplete information provided by you in the process of booking the services.

Reserved rights regarding delivery
Stotinka Limited reserves the right to solely define and limit, refuse, and/or cancel orders from customers at any time due to:
Wrong or incomplete information provided;
Potential fraudulent or criminal activity.
Similarly, Stotinka Limited reserves the right to limit, refuse, and/or reject money returns both in person and online to any customer or entity, due to similar actions as noted above.

For complaints or queries about the service delivery policy or data protection queries generally please contact:

36 Beaford Grove
SW20 9LB, UK.